There is no doubt that cloud computing and integrated web solutions can deliver quantifiable business results for your organization. Subscription based services have been around for a while and offer predictable, cost effective, and reliable solutions. Cloud solutions additionally provide a level of enterprise agility that was previously not possible using traditional methods. Implementing cloud solutions can make all the difference in delivering your products to market faster at a reduced cost while streamlining operations.

But what about compliance in the cloud for Regulated Industries?

Are these savings enough to offset the potential for increased business risk? Are these solutions and platforms robust enough to meet the demanding requirements of global regulators? Some say what not? Even the federal government is moving some of its business processes to the cloud.

If your organization is contemplating a move to the cloud, ask yourself some key questions before proceeding:

  • Does our organization have an enterprise IT strategy and regulatory compliance framework that extends to the cloud?
  • How will we handle the transition to the cloud?
  • Will there be any need for data migration or systems integration as a result of a move to the cloud?
  • Does the organization have strong vendor management practices that include service providers?
  • Who will manage these new vendor relationships? The Business? Information Technology? or Procurement? What is the cost for various levels of Service?
  • Do we have the in-house expertise to manage the increased burden of Software service contracts and negotiation? What are the potential risks and pitfalls to avoid?
  • What is the Total Cost of Ownership for the cloud solutions?
  • How will we handle Regulatory Audits and Discovery requests?
  • Have we classified our enterprise data to understand what should be managed in the cloud versus what should remain in-house?
  • Do our Risk Management Processes include Cloud-based Services?
  • Does our current software Verification & Validation Methodology and Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Processes include regulated cloud activities? How is this done?
  • How will we handle potential Security, Privacy, and Data Breaches in the cloud?
  • What is our exit strategy if things don’t go as planned or the business has a change in direction?

Qualified Data Systems (QDS) offers a comprehensive solution portfolio for regulated industries that includes subscription-based Cloud Computing environments. Our Regulated Cloud Solutions include:

  • Pre-Flight Regulatory Assessments
  • Organizational Readiness Review
  • Total Cost of Ownership Analysis
  • Business Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Recommendation
  • Contract Review
  • Data Classification, IT Strategy, and Vendor Management
  • Systems Integration, Data Migration, and Verification & Validation
  • Operations Management
  • Enterprise Governance, Risk, and Compliance Services
  • Packaged solutions for Small and Medium sized businesses

Contemplating moving to the Cloud? Don’t have the complete picture? Need to mitigate potential Risks involved?

For more information on how QDS can help your regulated business move to the cloud, contact us at: